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Step #1 - Learn the process
You came to our website so you're ahead of the game!  Finding a DJ to speak with is hard.  You can search the web or scan the yellow pages.  Getting someone to answer the phone or return your calls, that's another story!  Most DJs are part-time and just a casual small businesses.  So you may be calling home phones and/or cell phones.  Expect most DJs to have their voicemail's pick up and greet you.  So keep dialing away!

Step #2 - Get written agreement
Why not shop around?  Everybody likes a good deal.  When you finally speak to a DJ, have them send you a written agreement to confirm all that was discussed on the phone.  Never hire a DJ based on a verbal agreement, many a times, those DJs don't show up at events!  We could send one to you TODAY (if we have your date available...so don't wait, call today and check)!

Step #3 - Start with 411HawaiiWeddings.com
411HawaiiWeddings.com is a division of Aloha Kane, LLC.  With 22+ years of experience, we've done hundreds of weddings.  Call us today for a free consultation, planning guide and/or letter of agreement for services.  Office hours M-F (10am-7pm) or by appointment.